So when my mum had her nutrimetics party my acne was playing up & the lady allowed me to have this special acne treatment for free. It’s a little 15ml bottle & i’m not to sure if you can get it in a bigger size. The product is called “Clear Spot Correcting Gel” & is… Read More

I did ANOTHER boohoo haul! Ahhh! After the first one came back and I was 100% in love with everything I ordered I went back & did another crazy haul, oops! I spent about the same amount of money and got around the same amount of items – more clothes than other stuff this time. I… Read More

Hello again everyone, recently my mother decided to throw a nutrimetics party! I’m 90% sure nutrimetics is only found in Australia & New Zealand, but do correct me if i’m wrong. So my mum had a party & we got facials along with a chocolate fountain (all for free!), because the people at the party bought items… Read More

I had heard various reviews about this website, and being me I decided to try it out anyway disregarding any negative feedback! So I ordered my multiple items of clothing on the 16/07/2015 & I received my parcel on the 21/07/2015! Shipping was free & my parcel was packed so this was a definite positive.… Read More

So I hadn’t ordered from boohoo in a while & it’s normally 50/50 on the quality of the product you are going to get, I went and ordered a bunch of stuff anyway because it was super cheap & everything was just super cute! I ordered my products on the 10/07/2015 & it arrived on… Read More